Dance demo “dance and sweat for Pödelwitz!”

Call 4 Choreo – Your choreo against coal!

Hello hello dear dancing climate activists*,

You think simply march demonstrations are boring? You want to do something, express your protest creatively and be loud and colourful at the same time? – Then we have the right thing for you!

The highlight of the climate camp Leipzig, we plan an action day including a dance demo “dance and sweat for Pödelwitz!”.

We want to dance around coal infrastructure with different choreographies and make ourselves and MIBRAG sweat. For this we need your creativity! No matter if you are experienced in dancing or not, young or old, Lady Gaga or Mozart – the main thing is that you get us moving!

How you can get involved:

  • Perform a choreo with your favourite dance buddies: At dance stops during the demo you can perform your choreo.
  • Join the main choreo at the end of the demo! We will rehearse it during the climate camp. (If you have any ideas for this big choreo: let us know! It should be simple and for everyone.)
  • Invite others to do your favourite dance work out! Whether Zumba, Dance-Aerobic or Polka: Come on stage and do what is easy to imitate.

What we need from you:

  • Bring your music with you and give it to us beforehand. Please note: We don’t want discriminatory music!
  • Tell us how long you want to dance or what you want to lead on. For performances: max. 5 minutes.
  • Please discuss how you want to be introduced and why you stand up against coal. If you don’t want to talk yourself, our moderation team can do it for you.

Hard Facts:

Let’s put on the heat against coal and for climate justice!