In the village Pödelwitz* (not Podelwitz) south of Leipzig the camp cannot be missed. Please organise your arrival autonomously and leave your car at home if you can. The most convenient way, starting from Leipzig main station, is to take the train to Neukieritzsch (here you might need to use stairs!) or Pegau. From Monday to Saturday there will be a regular bus connection to Pödelwitz departing the respective stations (see

If you have urgent questions concerning your arrival you can call the Info Tent: +49 152 8498559

Bring your bike

It would be even better if you bring your bike (with you). On the local train the bike transportation is free. The way from Neukieritzsch (7km) and from Pegau (10km) to the Camp, will be signposted. But be careful, experience shows that signs get removed from time to time.


For people for whom the journey from Neukieritzsch/ Pegau to Pödelwitz might be a difficult hurdle, we can offer a shuttle service. To use it, please contact us via mail or call +491525/1934226.

BIPoC Shuttle

 The BIPoC-Shuttle is currently not available. Please call: 015251934226

For BIPoCs (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) there will be an extra shuttle, which will be available from Saturday 3.8. under the following number: +49 152 08498390. To avoid waiting times, you could register for it until 2.8. by mail. The shuttles go from the S-Bahn station Neukieritzsch to the camp. Since the way from Leipzig to Neukieritzsch is can be risky at times, it is best to arrive in groups. There is also the possibility to be shuttled from Leipzig main station to the Klimacamp. Longer waiting times must be expected here.

During rush hours on saturday and sunday there will also be some fixed shuttle times. The latest information concerning arrival, bus connection and shuttle will be published on the website shortly before the camp.

Don’t use google-maps

Please note: Last year web mapping services guided people by bike on the way from Leipzig to Pödelwitz through open cut mining areas. Do not trust these services and check the route in advance! Last year participants were held legally responsible for having crossed the open cut mining areas, following GoogleMaps’s directions.
So please do not rely on Google Maps and use OpenStreetMaps and the coordinates 51.1446507,12.3505071 as the destination address instead!

* Spelling is important here: It’s Pödelwitz with an o with an umlaut. There’s also a village called Podelwitz north of Leipzig. Check your umlauts.